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Our Live Tools are entirely developed, designed and manufactured in our plant in Turin, Italy.
We ensure the best possible quality by using the most modern and advanced manufacturing machines and technologies available on the market.
The bodies of our Live Tools are machined from a solid block of steel; thus avoiding vibrations and structural defects caused by welded or bolted bodies. Each Live Tool is thoroughly tested after assembly to ensure proper operating features.


The modular concept used to design and build internal and external components of our Live Tools allows us to offer:

  • Superior quality
  • Extended LT range 
  • Quick deliveries
  • Competitive price


The drive transmission is the "heart" of the Live Tool.
Before starting the manufacturing of our Live Tools, we analyzed the different drive systems available on the market. We finally decided to design and patent a special and innovative drive system offering reliability and durability.
Our competition uses a drive key on the outside of the shaft and inside the gear, generating a tangential (indirect) transmission.
The possible consequences of this system are:

- weakening of the shaft and the gear;
- low torque transmission;
- vibration, breakage of keys and shafts.

Our patented, SUPERCOMPACT drive system simply eliminates all described problems.
The ground shaft and the gear are coupled in a single operation, in a square
or hexagonal housing.
All surfaces including the centering diameter are ground.


Our angular Live Tools use bevel gears with a helical tooth form.
These gears are ID and OD ground.
The bevel gears in our Live Tools have a larger circular pitch dimension compared to the gears used by our competitors. The teeth of our bevel gears are hardened to a depth of 0.6/0.8 mm (.24"/.31").
Internal components are made of special steel, case-hardened and ground.


After careful tests, we chose for our Live Tools special steel, high-precision bearings; they are sealed on one side only to allow heat and lubrication exchange; and thus able to assure a balanced grease and heat distribution inside the product.
The two bearings on the shaft ends (near the collet where the cut tool is placed) support the entire surface assuring to our Live Tools highest rigidity and long durability.


Our Live Tools are fully "sealed" using special "labyrinth" seals.
The two seals are placed between the tool body and the rotating shaft.
One is located near the rotating shaft exit, while the second one is placed on the external diameter.
hey prevent the entry of dirt chips and fluid, providing a long life to bevel gears and bearings.
This is the "added value" of our Live Tools; our products have been designed to satisfy our customers in terms of quality and durability.


MARIO PINTO is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified.

Each single component of the live tool is provided with a code number which allows tracing the manufacturing process and therefore the total quality certification.

Each tool is subject to a detailed control system (both during the production operations and during assembly and testing). 
A careful test is carried out on run-in and control machines.

Also the cooling option of every live tool (internal, external, high pressure) is controlled.

Initially, the speed is increased progressively.
After a stop and a greasing operation, the live tool is tested at the maximum speed, followed by different tests:
Geometrical and dimensional 
Noise and vibration

The final test has a duration of 60 min for each single live tool.

A test report is issued, including all data related to precision and performances. It is filled up by the operator during the assembly and after it is checked in the "Quality Control Department" before packing the product.
The test report is included in the live tool package and is delivered to final customer to assure maximum openness concerning the purchased product.


For the correct use of our Live Tools at max speed, we recommend a warming up period of at least 40 seconds at 500 rpm.
If the Live tool is provided with internal cooling, we recommend to use this option even during the warm-up phases.


The packaging of our Live Tool has been developed to make identification easier for the operators - even without oepening the package - and to avoid mistakes in shipping.
On every box there is a short description of the product and a picture.

The QR Code on the box brings directly to the technical sheet on the website.
This allows to verify very quickly the main technical features of the product and to check the drawing.
A further instrument for a quick and efficient service.

In addition to the Declaration of incorporation and the use and maintenance manual, inside every box there is a wrench kit for proper Live Tool use, and in the angular tool box also a greasing kit.
Along with the slotting tool we provide a small tube of CENTOPLEX grease.
Inside every shell-mill box is a set of spacers and mounting accessories.